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Registration is now open!

Please go to the registration page and follow the instructions to register for the 2017 Men's Sing.  We will post the schedule and songs as soon as they are determined and available.  We look forward to the opportunity to host this special event!



Welcome! The church in Fairbury, Illinois invites you to join us for a weekend of fellowship and singing on August 26-27, 2017.



Registration Soon Open

Registration will soon be available for the Men's Sing!  Please register using the "Registration" page.  Please also create an account, and subscribe to updates - details are below.  Registering and subscribing to updates are separate tasks that must be completed.

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2017 Men's Sing

We are looking forward to hosting the 2017 Men's Sing in Fairbury, Illinois!  We have selected a date for the weekend, August 26-27, 2017.  Please subscribe to updates from this site to stay current on information.   Registration for the weekend will not be available until a later date.